#1 Used Car Inspection Service Houston TX

Mechanic-Inspecting-VehicleAnyone can walk around a pre owned car and kick the tires, check the odometer and look for cracked glass and dented doors. But most of us are not qualified to find subtle evidence of repaired body panels, telltale signs of major mechanical work or have the experience to reach solid conclusions about the mechanical condition of a vehicle based on a 10-minute test drive.


Quick Turn Around

Expected turn around time: 24 – 48 hours on business days.


160 Pt Inspection

Complete bumper to bumper inspection.  Full inspection.


Diagnostic Reading

Diagnostic readings, reporting, deletion manipulation and more.


Under carriage

Under carriage leaks, wear-n-tear signs, and evaluation



Break check, evaluation, efficiency. Pressure appliance and more.



Engine performance, signs of reconstruction, maintenance needed.


Test Drive

Handling, popping noises, efficiency, alignment, need repair evaluation,


Proof of Faults

Close up photos of faults, defects, scratches, bumps and dings.

Pre Purchase Car Inspection Houston, TX

Our Houston used car inspection teams offers many types of vehicle inspection packages. Our most common & popular requested inspection package is our 160 point inspection for $129.95. This inspection covers 160 points of details and comes with three photos. Also keep in mind our inspection agency is the only one that handles special requests or specific instructions. So if you have something that you would like us to pay close attention to please be sure to include it in your inspection order.

Competitor Inspection Comparison!

We know there are other competitors in Houston offering used car inspections but none of them offer the same comprehensive inspection as we do. At Texas First Auto Inspections we are proud to show you our competitors in our comparison chart and you can decide for yourself.

We assure that you will receive a complete auto inspection report from one of our Houston mechanics in a timely manner that will help you make your final purchase decision.  Used car inspections are normally scheduled within 24 hours of your order and the inspection report is usually on its way to your home or office computer within hours after the inspection is completed.

Texas First Auto Inspections provides smart shoppers with a sense of confidence and the peace of mind that comes with knowing their vehicle has been thoroughly inspected by a professional Houston used auto mechanic.

Mobile Mechanic Inspection Service Houston

Our mobile inspection service entails of sending out an experience auto mechanic to your desired potential vehicle of purchase. Our mechanics are well equipped with all the necessary gear to complete a thorough inspection in the most detailed manner possible. Our experience train auto technicians have the knowledge and know-how to complete an inspection in whatever environment. You can be rest assure your inspection will be completed in any situation.

$129.95 – Basic Inspection

$149.95 – Advance Inspection

$169.95 – Professional Inspection

$100.00 – Follow-up Inspection

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Why get a Pre Purchase Auto Inspection?

green_circle_check2Protection from lemon vehicles

green_circle_check2Make an informed buying decision

green_circle_check2Buying a used car online

green_circle_check2Dealership is out of town

green_circle_check2Buying a pre-owned vehicle from E-bay

green_circle_check2Protecting an auto investment

green_circle_check2Ensuring dealership policy

*That’s Right! Each dealership has their own policy regarding used vehicle returns, purchases, and repairs.

Some dealerships have a 3 day buy back, deposit refund, vehicle repairs, and so on.

Note: Used car policies vary from dealership to dealership and the amount of days; terms of agreement can be more or less depending on the dealerships’ policy.

Most dealerships understand that if there was something of damage of the used car that was unnoticed by the dealership they will give benefit of the doubt and accept the buyers claim (remember this varies from dealer to dealer).

The only problem is….

In order for the dealership to honor the purchasers claim the buyer must have a third party vehicle inspection report (an inspection that has no relationship with the dealership).

The reason for this is because many claims were being made falsely and unjustly. Therefore, this policy was implemented and is a two way street. A.) It protects the dealership from losing money on returned used car shipments and B.) it protects the buyer from buying a misrepresented vehicle.

Therefore protect yourself, your investment, and make an informed buying decision by purchasing a pre purchase used auto inspection from Texas First Auto Inspections – Houston, TX.