" We come to your car to do a bumper to bumper auto inspection "

24 Hour / Next Day Inspection Reports

" We come to your car to do a bumper to bumper auto inspection "

Third Party Used Car Inspection Houston

Full Bumper to Bumper Inspection

A Third Party Car Inspection

Is an unbiased report generated by an individual that has no affiliation with either party. (In our case that would be the buyer and the seller.) This inspector will fully identify any problems at the time of the inspection and write a full unbiased report.

Our auto technicians complete a full Bumper-to-Bumper inspection when ordered. Our inspection reports include frame damage, paint work, body damage, leaks, electrical problems, interior damage, mechanical problems, lack of maintenance, and many other issues that our technicians see on a daily basis.

Our vans our fully equipped and geared with diagnostic equipment needed to perform our thorough used car inspections. This will protect consumers from buying vehicles with preexisting automobile problems and identifying any problems that we may find at the time of the inspection.

Third Party Inspection Protection!

A Pre Purchase Used Car Inspection will protect you, the buyer, from buying a vehicle with preexisting mechanical problems from dealerships and individual sellers. Therefore, our inspection service should be the first that comes to mind when buying a used car, truck or van.

Benefits of a third party inspection?

Quality Information

Concise Information

Unbiased Information

Why get a third party inspection?

Inspections provide potential buyers with valuable information on the vehicle’s actual condition. The inspection can include a test drive, review of mechanical operations, and a review of appearance. It also may including a consumer-friendly report ,along with pictures, to help buyers understand the inspector’s findings. Therefore, third party inspections can validate a seller’s claims about a vehicle’s condition.

How long does a vehicle inspection take?

Many inspection companies can schedule and complete the inspection within 48 hours.

After purchasing an inspectino at Texas First Auto Inspections an e-mail of your receipt with be sent to you and the inspection will be done 24 to 48 hours after receiving payment.

Then a report of your vehicle inspection will be sent to you with photos and additional comments if needed through email.

Any further questions or concerns

Please email or call Texas First Auto Inspections