" We come to your car to do a bumper to bumper auto inspection "

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" We come to your car to do a bumper to bumper auto inspection "

Houston Used Car Inspection Check List

Full Bumper to Bumper Inspection

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Exterior Used Car Examination – The exterior of a pre-owned vehicle can definitely fluctuate the retail value. The exterior appearance of an automobile is always the first to grab to potential used car buyers. Therefore, a detail examination of a vehicle must be a thoroughly inspected. This is the basic level of inspection and a few essential used car examining factors are:

Look at the door latches and hinges for signs of rust or even any sort of damage.

Also have an inspection of the gas cap and ensure whether you have any difficulty to open it or not.

Check the paint from different angles. If you find one of the panels appearing shinier than the rest of the car then there are chances that it might be painted recently.

Check for scratches. The chances are very high that you may find scratches that may be normal, deep. However, you must note that deep scratches are a signal for potential rust.


Wipers Window Deforgger

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Head Lights, Fog Lights Indicators

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Brake System Wheel Alignment

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Side Mirrors

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Brake Lights, Reverse Lights

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Exhaust System

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Rear Suspension

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Examine the condition of tires – Walk around and try to pay close attention to the condition of the car tires. You have to be very sure about the condition of car tires, look for signs of dry rot, and whether there is any uneven wear. Any uneven wear is a major signal of alignment problems.


Power Windows

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Floor Mats

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Seat Belts

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Gear Shift

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A/C Vent System

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Glove Compartment

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Interior Used Car Inspection

Check the interior of the used car. The interior of the used car is another good indicator and prime element that may further help you in knowing how well the car has been taken care of. You need to check the interior of car for tears in upholstery and general appearance. Perhaps some of the few areas that you can or must examine are:

Look at the driver’s seat and try to find out whether it is excessively worn or not

Examine the seat belts particularly to the one at the driver’s seat

Also check the electrical features of interior electrical accessories

Perform the test operation of power windows locks and air conditioning

Try to check the function of test wipers and windshield washer as well

Internal Inspection of a
Pre-Owned Vehicle

Try to examine the condition of the engine. Lift the hood and check the condition of engine. Try to have a look at the engine’s overall sanitation. In fact, you must examine very closely for any sort of rust on the exhaust manifold and oil leaks around the valve cover or even head gasket.There are various other things as well under the hood that can too help you in finding the maintenance of the car as well, like burnt smell of oil under the hood or even poorly corroded battery terminals are few other signs of poor maintenance. Moreover, the condition of engine oil is yet another factor that can also help you in knowing the condition of engine. You can easily examine the oil on the dipstick by rubbing it against your thumb. Now in case, if you feel some sort of small particles in the oil, the chances are that engine may be worn or have any other problems.

Take the used car for a test drive. Finally you must go for a test drive. This is the most vital step and may help you in making a correct decision of whether you need to buy the used car or not. However, there are few important areas that you must take care while performing a test drive, like:

The used car should start easily even if it’s cold

The car shouldn’t shake or even make extreme noise and smoke

The steering should be very responsive and easy to handle

The car must not make creaking sounds when driving over bumps

The car must be able to hold a straight direction even steering out of center

The car brakes must be very effective. It shouldn’t squeal and must be capable to bring the car to a stop in a sufficiently short distance

The engine should have plenty of power and the transmission should not slip or whine