" We come to your car to do a bumper to bumper auto inspection "

24 Hour / Next Day Inspection Reports

" We come to your car to do a bumper to bumper auto inspection "



The Exterior

Overview Inspection Status Details
Front Bumper Scratches
Hood Good
Pass Front Fender Good
Pass Front Door Good
Pass Rear Door Good
Pass Rear Quarter Good
Rear Bumper Scratches
Trunk Good
Tailgate Good
Driver Rear Quarter Good
Driver Rear Door Good
Driver Front Door Good
Driver Front Fender Good
Front Grill Good
Overhead Rack Good
Front Spoiler Good
Wheel Well Flairs Good
Roof Good

The Mirrors

Overview Inspection Status Details
Driver Side View Ok
Pass Side View Ok
Rear View Ok

The Under Hood

Overview Inspection Status Details
Engine compartment Dirty No
Oil leaks No
Exhaust leaks No
Exhaust smoke No
Abnormal/Unusual noise No
Transmission noise No
Any non-stock modification No
Belts Cracked No
Fluid leaks No
Hoses stiff/cracked or patched No
Overheating Signs No
Radiator Corroded No
Leaking Radiator No
Battery corrosion No
Oil Level - low No
Power Steering Fluid Level - low No
Brake Fluid Level - low No
Transmission Fluid - dirty No
Coolant level - low No
Windshield Washer Fluid level - low No

The Brake System

Overview Inspection Status Details
Brake Noise No
Brake Grinding No
Brake Vibration No
Emergency Brake Operational Yes

The Dashboard

Overview Inspection Status Details
Check Engine Light Pass
ABS Light Pass
TPMS Light Pass
TPMS Readings Pass
Maintenance Req’d Light Pass
Change Oil Indicator Pass
Oil Pressure Pass
Engine Temp Pass
Parking Brake Light Pass
Service Suspension Light Pass
Service Airbags Light Pass
Speedometer Pass
Tachometer Pass
Battery Pass
Dash Pad Pass

The Interior

Overview Inspection Status Details
Wind Noise Ok
Ratting Noises Ok
Unusual Odors Ok
Cleanliness Ok
Cupholder Condition Ok
Cigarette Lighter Ok
Hood Release Ok
Trunk Release Ok

The Test Drive

Overview Inspection Status Details
Acceleration Excellent
Shifting Excellent
Alignment Excellent

The Overall Condition of Vehicle

Overview Inspection Status Details
Overall Condition Excellent

The Clients Main Concerns were

Overall condition, looking for an excellent condition new car feel.


Overview Inspection Rating
Exterior Good
Glass Good
Mirrors Good
Tires & Wheels Good
Under Hood Good
Suspension Good
Electrical System Good
Brake System Good
Dashboard Good
Interior Good
Safety Good
Seat/Carpet Good
Test Drive Good

The Glass

Overview Inspection Status Details
Windshield Ok
Pass Front Ok
Pass Rear Ok
Rear Window Ok
Cargo Light Ok
Driver Rear Ok
Driver Front Ok
Fog Lights Ok
Headlights Ok
Front Turn Signals Ok
Rear Turn Signals Ok
Tint Ok

The Tires and Wheels

Overview Inspection Status Details
Condition of Tires Excellent
Tire Tread Excellent 80%
Wheel Make and Model Excellent
Wheel Size Excellent
Condition of Wheels Excellent
Spare Tire Excellent
Tire Changing Tools Excellent
Jack Excellent

The Suspension

Overview Inspection Status Details
Ride Quality Pass
Suspension Noise Pass
Condition of Suspension Pass

The Electrical System

Overview Inspection Status Details
Headlights Working
High Beams Working
Daytime Running Lights Working
Front Blinkers Working
Fog Lights Working
Tail Lights Working
Rear Blinkers Working
Brake Lights Working
Interior Overhead Lights Working
Visor Lights Working
Front Wipers Working
Rear Wipers Working
Wind Shield Sprayer Working
Driver Power Windows Working
Pass Power Window Working
Rear Pass Power Window Working
Power Trunk Working
Radio Working
CD Player Working
CD Changer Working
DVD Player Working
Navigation Working
Driver Power Seat Working
Front Passenger Power Seat Working
Rear Power Seats
Third Row Power Seats
Driver Manual Seat
Front Passenger Manual Seat
Rear Manual Seats
Third Row Manual Seats
Heated Seats Working
Cooled Seats
Keyless Entry Working

The Safety

Overview Inspection Status Details
Driver Seatbelt Pass
Front Passenger Seatbelts Pass
Rear Seatbelts Pass
Third Row Seatbelts
Horn Pass

The Seats & Carpet

Overview Inspection Status Details
Driver Seat Pass
Front Passenger Seat Pass
Driver Rear Pass
Middle Rear Pass
Pass Rear Pass
Third Row Seats
Driver Side Carpet Pass
Front Passenger Carpet Pass
Rear Carpet Pass
Third Row Carpet
Trunk / Cargo Area Pass
Driver Side Floormat Pass
Front Passenger Floormat Pass
Rear Floormat Pass
Third Row Floormats
Cargo Area Mat

The Comments


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