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" We come to your car to do a bumper to bumper auto inspection "

" We come to your car to do a bumper to bumper auto inspection "

Standard Inspection

170 Point Inspection: Standard (20 Photos)

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Standard Inspection

The standard inspection is a thorough inspection of the car’s essential features. This is best for cars of the year 2000 and above and also comprises a Diesel Engine inspection. We make sure to look over each detail such as performing an Engine Diagnostic test, checking airbags, transmission, and the car ABS, etc. We leave no stone unturned for a proper analysis of the car’s interior and exterior. We check every aspect of the interior such as central locking, electrical functions, windows, each button, and its corresponding feature, seatbelts, spares, and much more all within this inspection. The exterior details are treated just the same, every detail seen to the naked eye is taken into account. From scratches on the body, paint, lights, and even windows and side mirrors. Flood Inspection, Frame Damage, verbal confirmation, and Fluid checks are all part of this standard procedure. Along with these mandatory checks, we make sure to check the car history for damage from flood accidents. Also, we provide over 20 proof pictures and road tests. This is a classic inspection to help you choose the ideal car before purchasing.


Our standard inspection consists of:


  • Complete interior check including mats, seatbelts, headliner, and upholstery.
  • Examining the Wheels and tires
  • The underbody inspection for rust and or damage.
  • Accident and Flood history of the car
  • Motor and Transmission checks
  • Exterior paint job and body
  • Record any dents, scratches, cracks, or rust
  • Perform a glass exam for cracks
  • Match electrical components with their functions such as A/C, lights, and gauges.
  • A detailed look into drive-line components such as 4-wheel and All wheel systems
  • Any other concerns regarding the car’s health and precautionary measures.
  • A basic condition of the steering, brakes, suspension, and exhaust system.
  • A brief overview of the engine.
  • Conduct a road test to check environment-friendliness and drivetrain performance.
  • Observing fluid levels, oil leaks, and missing parts.

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