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" We come to your car to do a bumper to bumper auto inspection "

" We come to your car to do a bumper to bumper auto inspection "

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Follow-up Inspection

A follow-up inspection is usually meant for cars that have already been part of a pre-purchase inspection. The dealerships can ask to make certain adjustments and repair any minor damage to the vehicle however they may not always follow through with their claims. Therefore, it’s beneficial to have a follow-up inspection to receive your car in the best state. The purpose of the follow-up inspection is to make sure that all the statements made for the dealership have been taken care of before they band over the car to you. It is always better to be safe than sorry. 


A follow-up inspection can comprise of the following:


  • Checkup of any minor dents, scratches and paint job that needed to be fixed or altered
  • Any interior changes that were meant to be changed 
  • Rechecking of any faulty electrical components
  • Recalling the problems from the first inspection into the second.
  • Checking alignment and exhaust through road test .
  • Overview of the engine as well as complete car.
  • Analysing the changes made upon request.

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