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" We come to your car to do a bumper to bumper auto inspection "

" We come to your car to do a bumper to bumper auto inspection "

Expert Inspection

170 Pt Inspection: Expert (35+ Photos + Video + Paint Meter Inspection)

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Road Test

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Steering and Brakes

Expert Inspection

The expert inspection is one of our most popular types of inspection for numerous reasons one of which is that it can cover almost all vehicles. It deals with the ultimate detailed inspection of the car with over 30 photographs as visual evidence of any prominent wear and tear. Along with the close-up pictures, we will also provide you with a video containing a 360 view of the interior and exterior of the car with sound checks from the engine, exhaust, and more. We will provide a comprehensive analysis to check the car including Engine Diagnostic Test, Undercarriage inspection, and even a Transmission and Engine inspection. We then give a fully detailed report of the outer and inner features of the car from paint, body windows to dashboards, seats, buttons, locks, and much more. The history of the car is extremely useful and is also checked by our team of professionals to give you a summary of the car’s damage repairing, accidental history, and flood history. With the help of Fluid and Oil checks, Road tests, and a full paint meter inspection you will have a sufficient and thorough overview of the car.


Our Expert Inspection includes;


  • A road test to check Exhaust system, Alignment, Braking system, ABS and the steering.
  • Complete drivetrain including the front and rear view
  • Flood history and inspection
  • Oil leaks and under the hood checks
  • Internal and external aspects of the vehicle
  • Observing tires and wheels
  • Assessing motor and transmission of the vehicle
  • Viewing all electrical components of the car including locks, windows, A/C and lights
  • Additional care for any factors you want special attention to
  • Survey the car for any other form of risks or damage

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