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" We come to your car to do a bumper to bumper auto inspection "

" We come to your car to do a bumper to bumper auto inspection "

Custom Inspection

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Custom Inspection

A custom Inspection can consist of any of the features you want specifically to be looked upon in a vehicle before purchasing. No matter what aspect of the vehicle you want to be inspected we will assist you. All you have to do is call us and discuss the details of your inspection and get a price quote. Whether you want special attention to the engine and the interior of the car and not the other features, or just the exterior, exhaust system and oil leaks we will build a package that caters to your needs.


A custom inspection can include:


  • Motor and Transmission checkup 
  • Engine condition
  • State of the tires and wheels of the vehicle 
  • Exterior of the vehicle, including body and paint
  • Interior check
  • Thorough Engine performance
  • Road test to evaluate alignment, ABS, exhaust and more
  • Oil leaks and Flood check
  • Prior history of the car health and repairing
  • Any additional features that raise concern

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